Living Unprocessed


Empower Yourself Buying Choosing a Better You

You deserve a better happier life, and it’s right here for the taking.  You can learn to break out of the box, and create your own healthy path.  Society certainly isn’t going to step in and make it happen.  Instead, you can take back your life, and escape the grossly over processed world around you.  Best of all, you’ll find it’s pretty easy!

Here at LoneStarHippie, we are on a mission to make healthy choices to better our lives.  My girlfriend and I have covered a lot of ground, but are always learning new things.  Rather than just horde the knowledge, we want to share what we’ve learned.  We want you to gain the benefits without having to travel the obstacle course to get there.

I was lucky to have met my girlfriend in Texas, and we still call it our home.  She’s a beautiful free-spirited woman, and I’m a former military guy.   Thankfully our personalities mesh well, especially when it comes to staying healthy.  We look forward to sharing with you, and living better together!


Shawn & Erinn

Shawn & Erinn


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